A Refreshing Wave of blossomed citruses keep you refreshed you all day long.



  • Intensity Of Fragrance : Light To Medium.
  • Most of the Airdscent Air Freshener Refill contains natural ethereal oils extracted from plants and leaves through steam distillation process. Since ancient times, they have been known to have a great positive impact on mind and body
  • Airdscent Air Freshener Refill  Bottle has a unique formula for “Odour Absorber”. It instantly de-activates molecules of compounds that cause malodours.
  • Airdscent fragrance bottles have 3000+ sprays, which makes it lasts for upto 6 months or more depending upon the frequency of the usage.
  • Airdscent Fragrance Bottles can be used with almost all the available dispensers in the market which use 250 ml refill bottle.
  • Airdscent Fragrance can also be sprayed by hand also.
  • Instantaneous, Effective and Long Lasting Air Fragrance.

Area Covered

  • Airdscent Fragrances have highly effective aromatic ethereal oils which remain in the atmosphere for a longer time and are effective in areas upto 600 sq.ft (or 6000 cubic feet) with a ceiling height of 10 sq.ft.

Safety Standards

  • No CFC.
  • Manufactured under Best Health safety Standards.
  • Special Anti Bacteria formula.
  • Non Toxic.