Trans-AirDscent-MUSK-1                        Musk : Persuasive Musk 
Trans-AirDscent-LITCHI-1             Litchi : Scent Of a Fresh Litchi 

Airdscent, corresponding to the dictates of the modern life, entrepreneurially develops and evolves a particularly demanding sector that is related with many aspects of the human behavior.
“There is something so much important to us, so that our life depends on and simultaneously so much insignificant, so that we consider it to be absolutely given.  It is the air  we breathe…”.

Airdscent has created 90 unique fragrances in 8 lines which are inspired from Nature. The numerous varieties of perfumes include scents of citruses, fruits, plants, green sides and sea breezes. Airdscent fragrances have a double action: They neutralize odors with their very unique odor absorber formula and at the same time they perfume. These perfumes are elegant and environmentally friendly since their composition  consists of essential oil extracts.

Airdscent is currently producing 450 different perfumes on behalf of our clients under a Private Label service. Having developed a contemporary industry with highly equipped facilities, its own R&D and Laboratory departments and with well specialized scientific personnel, Airdscent, is in position to exclusively propose specially designed solutions for a series of customer needs.
All these scents can easily awake our senses. Our daily activities become more enjoyable when they are discretely aromatized with sweet scents.